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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Blair Witch Mystery..!!

The Myth and Legend of the Blair Witch started in 1785 with an old woman who immigrated over to the States from Ireland. Her name was Elly Kedward. The town she settled in was then known as "Blair". The townspeople found out that she was luring the children into her house and drawing blood from them. And so in 1786 accused her of being a witch. Their punishment for her was to cast her out into the forest with no provisions in the middle of a harsh winter. They presumed she succumbed to the elements.
By the end of that winter most of the children of Blair had suddenly disappeared. The townsfolk blamed the witch and proclaimed the township of Blair and the Black Woods as cursed. The townsfolk soon abandoned Blair and vow to never mention Elly Kedward's name again. In 1809 a rare tome called THE BLAIR WITCH CULT is published. It tells of bloodletting and how the entire town of Blair is cursed by the Witch.
The abandoned township is accidently stumbled upon in 1824 when the railway is due to go through there. The new founders rename the town Burkittsville and the township is once again settled. One year later a small girl named Eileen Treacle is pulled down by a ghostly hand into Tappy East Creek. There are 11 witnesses who watched as the small child is dragged under the shallow water. Her body is never recovered. For thirteen days afterwards the creek is reported as being polluted with an oily substance along with masses of stick figures. A farmer reports of having to move cattle from the creek area as cows that have drunk from it have died or had calves with birth defects.
In March 1886 another girl, Robin Weaver, is reported as missing in the woods. A search party is sent out looking for the young child. Robin returns telling of an old woman appearing to her in the forest. The woman did not walk but floated in the air. She took Robin to an old house and put her in the basement and asked her to wait whilst she left the house. Robin escaped through a window and returned to safety. The first search party out looking for Robin disappeared. A second search party was sent out looking for them and were horrified to find the first search party disemboweled and placed upon coffin rock with strange pagan symbols carved into their faces and feet. By the way the ropes were cut into their skin the second search party could tell that these atrocities took place whilst they were alive. The second search party returned to town bringing back the sheriff with them. They discover that there is no trace of the dead bodies but the air remains heavy with the stench of death. None of the bodies were ever recovered.
In November 1940 local children start to mysteriously disappear. Between the dates of November 1940 and May 1941 a total of seven children are reported as missing.
On 25th May, 1941 an old hermit, Rustin Parr, who was known for living in an old house on a hill in the woods comes into the local Burkittsville market exclaiming mysteriously that "I've finally finished". This leads the police to hike up to his house in the woods where they discover seven children's bodies ritualistically disemboweled with pagan symbols carved upon them.
Parr told of ghost of an old woman who appeared to him in a long dark hooded cloak when he was out walking in the woods. He claimed that on occasion he would call out to her or run after her only to have her mysteriously disappear. Rustin stopped seeing the woman in the woods but was left with an eerie voice in his head that told him to do things, sometimes in strange languages. He was at first told to do strange things like sleep in the cellar for a week at a time, he could not resist this strange voice telling him what to do and soon found himself being told to go down to Burkittsville and get the first two children that he saw. In all Parr took eight children, but only killed seven of them. He claimed that the woman in the black cloak appeared to him after he'd killed the seventh child and told him that he was finished and that he was to go into town the very next day and tell everyone what he had done. She said she would leave him alone if he did this.
Parr released the last child, Kyle Brody and cried doing so. When the police came upon his house they found poor Kyle dazed and confused on the front porch. Kyle was unable to speak. They soon came across the bodies of the children in seven graves in the cellar. Kyle Brody never recovered from the two months in Parr's house. It was found that Kyle was forced to stand in the corner whilst a child was killed behind him. He remained institutionalized for the rest of his life until his death in 1971. Rustin Parr was convicted and hanged.

But that’s no it…there is a twist in the story….

It's not Rustin Parr who makes this story interesting, but Kyle Brody, the boy he released. Chris Carrazco, who examinated the life of Rustin Parr, thinks Kyle Brody involvement in the murders of the seven children is bigger than everybody thinks.

Here is the statement Kyle Brody made in court:

The People vs. Rustin Parr Courtroom Transcript -- Kyle Brody Testimony

Q: Now where was that, in the room, what part of the room?
A: By the front door.

Q: Just inside the front door?
A: (Assenting) Inside the room by the front door.

Q: Alright, Kyle. And what happened then?
A: He told me to stand in the corner and face the wall. I could hear Emily screaming. He was cutting her. I looked. He was cutting a symbol on her face.

Q: You're doing really well, Kyle. You're doing just fine. Could you point out to me the man who did that to Emily? Could you point him out to me?
A: (Hesitating)

Q: It's alright, Kyle. Look, your parents are right there.
Q: (By the Court) Should we recess?
Q: Kyle?
A: (pointing) That's him sitting there.

Q: Let the record note that Kyle Brody has identified the defendant, Rustin Parr.
Q: Now Kyle, what happened after that?
A: He tied her up in the corner. I was facing the wall. He started to hurt her then.

Q: Go on, Kyle, you're doing just fine.
A: Sometimes he would come up to me: Do you hear her? Do you hear the woman's voice? I would cry and tell him to leave her alone, but he wouldn't listen.

Q: Do you know who he was referring to?
A: No.

Q: Did you ever see a woman out there?
A: No.

Q: Alright, Kyle, what happened then?
A: After a few days he killed her. He cut her open, and after he took everything out of her, he left with her and I never saw her again. When he came back he told me not to be sad, he'd bring someone else back soon.

MR. FAIR: Prosecution rests, your Honor.
THE COURT: Thank you, Mr. Fair.

Chris Carrazco did research on the circumstances and found some questionable facts:

- None of the seven children knew each other except Kyle, who knew all of them.
- Kyle had a troubled past with some of the children
- Kyle gave police detailed information about the abduction of Emily Hollands, though she was taken two weeks before his disappearance. Kyle even knew where her abduction took place.

The following videos are the interviews of Rustin Parr:

Kyle also was a problem child. He had an abusive father, he liked to fight and torture animals (the first sign of a bigger problem). Kyle spent most of his later life in jails or institutions. Chris carrazco came across a rare film called White Enamel, a documentary about the conditions in several mental institutions, including the one where Kyle lived...adding to this, Kyle a very high IQ and was seen writing the Witchcraft language and the Pagan symbols in class.

So, what can we make from all this? Is this just another story made up or does it hold some truth in it. Is this whole background story of “The Blair Witch” true or did Kyle Brody really had to do something with the murders? Did he hold Rustin Parr's hand while performing the action on the seven murder victims and did he abuse Parr's mental condition to make him plea guilty? Did Kyle testify against Parr while he was the actual mastermind? Was he just a charming, but very evil young boy? Or he was just a normal boy and there really was “The Blair Witch”? Please give me your opinions...


  1. IM wanting to go to burkitsville and explore this legend for myself. Wether i die or not will be up to fate but till i see this all for myself i cant say for sure what i believe. Half of me wants to see something terrifying horrific of human atrocities the other half wishes to stay in ignorance of the truth.But i am drawn to this truth like a moth to the flame. So i am asking and wishing does anyone know exactly where in burkitsville woods i can finde this house. i heard it was burnt down but if evil spirits do live their im sure they havent gone away yet. I heard about this from the blair witch but ive never seen the movie and honestly this part is what freaks me out the most. So if their is a chance plz i email me a map to this address

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